You CAN Run Your Business Better!

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Be More Productive

Streamline processes and improve user experience.

Reduce IT Costs

Utilize existing assets while reducing support requirements.

Better Intelligence

Metrics, dashboards & KPI’s - have what you need at a glance.

Tighter Integration

Systems working together eliminate manual input and costly errors.

Scale & Grow

A solid business IT foundation is key to growth and scalability.

Process Automation

Even the most complex processes can be standardized and streamlined.

Why survive when you can thrive?

Business process improvement and financial management begins with an integrated software suite that absorbs all of your departments, activies, intiatives, customers, orders, invoices, deposits and more into one synchronized environment.

What our Clients Say

  • The relationship was truly unique, in that you just don’t see that level of trust, bonding and collaboration.
  • The increase in visibility helps as we now have the ability to gather hundreds of reports and analyze data very easily.
  • As of today, we still find that there was absolutely nothing that went wrong. It’s unheard of and shows the professionalism that surrounded the project.
  • As we began to grow, scaling became more dicult. It was very clear to us that we needed a major overhaul of our basic tier 1 infrastructure in order to have a solid platform to build the company on and grow it even faster.
  • [Our] data can be sliced and diced; it’s incredibly easy for anyone to get the data they need quickly.
  • Straight Arrow worked with our product experts to determine what categorizations and data points were significant to us.

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